How to take screenshot on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

6.0 Marshmallow

To take a screenshot on your anroid 6.0 Marshmallow phone

  1. Go to the screen you would like to save.
  2. Hold down the Power Button and Volume Down Button
  3. Hold both of them down at the same time for 2 seconds
  4. You will hear the sound informing that the screenshot was made.
  5. Find your screenshots in the Gallery app


This guide didnt work for me. Just keep getting the volume bar pop up. Never had a problem on other devices. Current device Nexus 6p

It's especially difficult with the case on, I have to take the case off to get it to work. And unlike other button combinations on other devices that work this way, you need to press both buttons down at the same time. Don't try one of them slightly earlier or anything. Kind of annoying.

try power button + home button. that works for my mobile.

I tried the option you suggested. Holding Home & Power button at the same time worked in my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.

Power and center bottom home button takes pics on my marshmallow, also

I miss my swipe pop up. I hate marshmallow . Stupid marshmallow.

Thumps up!h)Had the same problem bud. 3rd time is the charm. Currently using UMI Super. J

How to take screenshot in UMI Super

press power and volume down buttons at the same time

It works fine for me on my Nexus 5X.

in samsung models try press power button and Home button it will work for you For Lg phones you can try Quick memo

My Galaxy S4 International (I9505) will only capture the screen when the Volume Down and Power buttons are pressed simultaneously and held for 2 seconds

Same here. Vol down + power

Where is the Gallery app? not on my Android 6.0.

just hold down home button.

It works no problem thnx.

Apparently takes a screenshot but the screenshot isn't in either Gallery or Photos.

Should be a screen shot notification in top bar. Opens to it. Save, share etc. from there.

Me seither, can't find the screenshot. No Gallery app on my 6P.

look at your photo gallery

You can make a screenshot of your Android, which can be useful to capture the scores of a game, a web page, a photo, Google Maps, etc., and possibly post said picture on social networks! For Samsung Phones Simultaneously press the Home physical buttons and on / off the phone, and hold them down until you hear a click. For other android Devices Simultaneously press the Volume Down physical buttons and on / off the phone, and hold them down until you hear a click. The picture of the screen is saved in the phone memory (/ sdcard / pictures / screenshots). Then open the notification bar which contains an overview of the capture.

thanks bro

I needed to takea screen shot so after trying all the comments. I took my s pen out and used the second choice smart select. It will not let you take a screen shot but you can do a copy and paste type action by using thr pen to dra a rectangle around the content you want then save to gallery.

Power+home hode 2 sec

Only correct one.


Hi, Really easy to take screen shot. thankyou

For a S5 and S6 may work in other models too. All you have to do is swipe with your hand all the screen from one side to the other. Your hand had to be ou the side with your small finger and a normal swipe don't touch the button's on the bottom. Swipe on the upper area.

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