How to take screenshot on Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

Smart Ultra 6

STEP 1 - First you need to open the image, such as a chat conversation, the score of a game, a lock screen, a screen or anything else you want to capture in your Vodafone Smart ultra 6

STEP 2 - Now you have to locate the position of the two buttons to press simultaniously - power button and the Volume down button . 

STEP 3 - Hold down the power button and then click and release the volume down button to capture the screen or screenshot. Do not hold down the volume down button for too long, you just click and release the button when you press the power button.


This doesn't work

hold down the power on/off button and at the same time hold the volume down button to take the screen shot. be carrefull press at the same time

Thank you so much!!

SUPER, it works in the moment!!

Held down power button and then pressed on volume down button and no screen shot taken ( volume slider appeared on screen instead)

Be carrefull to press two button (power button and volume down button) together at the same time

Try hold down power button and home button if still doesnt work install a screenshot application on google play store

Well that was about as helpful as a handbrake on a canoe

Go to the screen you would like to save. Hold down the Power Button and Volume Down Button Hold both of them down at the same time for 2 seconds You will hear the sound informing that the screenshot was made. Find your screenshots in the Gallery app

Thanks bro this actually worked

thanks how2 i tried power button and volume down button it worked for me when press two button be carreful to press them simultaneously

It worked thank you!

Works....but tricky, need to use both fingers...

please note you need to HOLD the power button and the volume button DOWN for about 2 seconds and then a screenshot will be taken - pressing and realising straight away will result in failure to take a screenshot.

This is a very simple method that requires some dexterity to press both buttons simultaneously.

Hold the 2 buttons in until you hear the beep's not the easiest of ways if you haven't got particularly big hands but there's always a knack to most things!!! I feel very smug now that I have taken my first screenshot!!....I AM an exxpert haha!!...ask me anything!! Cheers all!!

Use thumb to cover both buttons and press together, simple. Thanks

Finally works

Thank you so so much!!! :D It works. finally!

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