How to take screenshot on Vodafone Smart prime 7

Smart prime 7

The screenshot on the Vodafone Smart prime 7 is like other smart phones also carried out by means of a key combination. This key combination is as follows:

Pressing and hold simultaneously for a period of two seconds:

Power On / Off button
Volume Down button

This will now trigger the screenshot on the Vodafone Smart prime 7. You hear this on the basis of a click sounds and a white border around the screen content. If the screenshot with your Vodafone Smart prime 7  was successful, then you can now find on your smartphone in the gallery, the image file.


As you can see from the picture, we must simultaneously press "power" and "volume Down" for 2 seconds. Drag the notification bar to view your screenshot. You can also see your screenshots by opening the "Sceenshots" folder in your Gallery. You can also download an alternative application on the Play Store as HD Screenshot, Screen Capture + ...

Thank YOU! You have no idea how long I have searched for this information. I have accidentally taken screenshots on my phone in the past and never realised what key combination had triggered it.

Thanks for this Post.

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