How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7

Galaxy J7

How do Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7, which is a popular mid-end Android smartphones, Samsung. Nowadays, everyone wants a decent smartphone, and Samsung offers all types of smartphones for different types of people.

 The Samsung Galaxy J7 runs with the latest Android 5.1, and brings with it all of the latest advanced capabilities of Android, a 13-megapixel camera, dual SIM capabilities and many other features for you to enjoy the most complete Android experience.

Today we will guide you on how you can make a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7. Just follow the simple steps below!


How do Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7

Step 1: Open an application or a game or whatever it takes to make a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy J7.

Step 2: we must simultaneously press "power" and "Home button" for 2 seconds. 

Step 3: You will hear a sound. Your screenshot was executed perfectly!

To view the captured screen on the Samsung Galaxy J7, simply drag down the notifications panel. Tap on the image and will appear on the screen. You can also display a whole library of screenshots simply by visiting the Gallery application on the device.


2nd method

Go to the settings menu.
Scroll to "Movements" and choose "Movements and gestures"
Press "Scan for capturing"
Turn Off button to On


Note: If you are on a base AOSP ROM CyanogenMod or simultaneously press the keys volume down + power