How to take screenshot on HTC Desire 728

Desire 728

How to make a screenshot of the HTC Desire 728 
For the HTC Desire 828 dual sim , there are two ways within this method to capture the screenshot. The first is the default key combination of Android and the other key combination of HTC Desire 728 .

1-Go to the screen you want to capture. For example, you can go to WhatsApp and open the conversation.

2- Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. Continue to hold the button until you hear a camera shutter or you see a notification. This is the method of combination of keys Android. To use another key combination, hold down the power buttons and the Home button simultaneously until you see a notification or hear a shutter sound. That's all! You have successfully made a screenshot on your HTC Desire 728 .

3-View the screenshot in your notification bar or from the Gallery application.


Its showing "couuldnot take screenshot due to limited storage space or it not allow by the app or your organization" pls. Tell how to Shortout this

Delete some files or apps on your phone to get storage space

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