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How to take screenshot on Huawei P10


In this article you will know how to make screenshots with your P10.

"We have always been in the situation of wanting to keep an image of what we are seeing on the mobile, be it a map, the code of the router to pass it to someone, etc. We will show you how to take screenshots on Huawei P10 .We will also show you how to locate these screenshots on your Huawei P10.You will not lose a single image on your smartphone again ... "


  • Procedure: Press simultaneously the two buttons Volume Down + Power for a second. A message will then appear, confirming the capture.
  • You can find this capture in your notification bar, and initially it will be automatically saved in your gallery.
  • If you know other ways to do this, please share :)

Where are these captures stored?

On some occasion it has happened to us that when doing the screenshot, we did not find where it was saved. From the Gallery menu, a folder containing the screenshots will be generated. In order to identify it correctly, you will verify that the last capture made will appear at the beginning of the folder. From here, you can share, edit, delete and review all screenshots.