How to take screenshot on Huawei P10

  • Procedure: Press simultaneously the two buttons Volume Down + Power for a second. A message will then appear, confirming the capture.
  • You can find this capture in your notification bar, and initially it will be automatically saved in your gallery.
  • If you know other ways to do this, please share :)


- Open the screen you want to capture on the Android Huawei P10 phone - Press and hold down Volume Down and Power button simultaneously for a few seconds. - When you hear the sound of the photo shoot it will mean that the Huawei P10 screenshot has been made and saved in the phone gallery. All that simple does not ?! Now you know how to make Huawei P10 screenshots

The second way that Huawei gives us to capture the screen of our P10 Plus is more striking, you will with the knuckles. This is one of the most curious options that we have seen without any doubt. It is about, when we are with the screen we want to capture we will only have to touch a few times with the knuckle of one of our fingers and we will automatically save the capture or screenshot. This last form is the most striking and the one that has been present for a long time in the terminals of the Chinese brand. The Huawei P10 Plus continues to maintain this curious way of making catches and has not been adopted by other manufacturers in its terminals. The issue is that any way you want you can make the screenshots on your Huawei P10 Plus for when you need to make a capture of anything that appears on the screen and you want to store.

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