How to take screenshot on Huawei P9


Procedure: Press simultaneously the two buttons Volume Down + Power for a second. A message will then appear, confirming the capture.

You can find this capture in your notification bar, and initially it will be automatically saved in your gallery.

If you know other ways to do this, please share :)


 How to take screenshots with Knuckle-Sense Technology:

This feature was introduced on many smartphones, and Huawei P8 is the first Android phone to get it.
Step 1 - If it is not, you can activate the Huawei P9 Smart Screenshot function. To do this, go to Settings and select the option in the menu support Smart.
Step 2 - Now select Smart screenshots from the feature list and activate it.
Step 3 - Close the Settings app, go to the screen you want to capture.
Step 4 - Here's the fun part - now you'll just knock twice on the screen. The phone vibrates and a preview screenshot will be displayed on the screen. That's all!


you just need to take a screenshot, to maintain simultaneously supported the Power and Volume Down buttons - The screenshot taken a notification from which you can share appear in the notification bar. For information all captured screenshots are visible in the screenshots folder on your default gallery.

Fortunately, it is all very simple, just do the following?: Hold down the start / stop lock on the back and the volume down button simultaneously for a moment You will hear a click, a small animation shows you took a screenshot and it will automatically be saved to your image gallery. That's all it takes, and from here you can also easily share on the web.

Simultaneously press the keys Volume Down + Power few seconds. After a few moments, you will hear a camera sound. The image of your screenshot is saved to your image gallery. If you know of other techniques or even applications to make screenshots, please share them;) Thank you to publish your feedback on this tutorial

You will hear a shutter sound like when you take a classic picture. The screenshot is then saved in your image gallery. You just have to check the latest images.

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