How to take screenshot on Huawei P9 Plus

P9 Plus

to make a screenshot on the Huawei P9 Plus  just have to:
1. Go to the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen or image you want to capture on your Huawei P9 Plus
2. Simultaneously press the power button and volume down.

This screenshot is saved to your gallery in the "Screenshot" folder or "Screenshots"
3. Once there, you can tab to share, send the screenshot via email, facebook, whatsapp, or option you prefer.


This feature was introduced on many smartphones, and Huawei p9 plus is the first Android phone to get it. Step 1 - If it is not, you can activate the Huawei p9 plus Smart Screenshot function. To do this, go to Settings and select the option in the menu support Smart. Step 2 - Now select Smart screenshots from the feature list and activate it. Step 3 - Close the Settings app, go to the screen you want to capture. Step 4 - Here's the fun part - now you'll just knock twice on the screen. The phone vibrates and a preview screenshot will be displayed on the screen. That's all!

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