How to take screenshot on Huawei Y3II


The first of the ways to make screen capture on the Huawei Y3II is the basic form found in almost all terminals Android and already sure you know of all manuals we have made in our blog.

The only thing we have to do is press both volume down buttons and the power button.

Just let you know that you have to be about two seconds by pressing the buttons for the snapshot is made on your terminal Hhonors. This will cause what you had on the screen at the time of capture is saved as an image in the folder named "ScreenShots" on your smartphone. But as we advance this is not the only way we'll have to make a screenshot.


The second way that gives us Honor to capture the screen of our Huawei Y3II is most striking, as you will, using the knuckles of your hand. This is one of the strangest we've seen options without any doubt. It is when we are with the screen we want to capture only have to play a couple of times with the knuckle of one of our fingers and we will be saved automatically capture or snapshot.