How to take screenshot on LG K10


to make screen capture on LG K10

  • Press any button on the phone to display the lock screen.
  • Keep "Volume Down" button and , the "Power" button  simultaneously until you were showing the screenshot made a shutter sound, listen.
  • Unlock the phone off and pull the notification window. Tap to see notification on your screen shot on the "Screenshot Captured".



In addition to using the key combination, you can also use QuickMemo to capture the screen of a LG phone. It is a built-in function in the Optimus series, in the G series, and in other models. This feature allows you to take a screenshot and edit it immediately with texts, lines, and so on. There are three ways to access it.

  • Press the "Volume up and down" buttons simultaneously.
  • Touch QuickMemo in the notification bar. By default it is in the leftmost part.
  • Tap the Home button and scroll up to the right of the Home button. The QuickMemo icon will appear. To make a screenshot just click on it.