How to take screenshot on LG Tribute 5

Tribute 5


  • See you on the screen you want to capture.
  • Simultaneously press the ON / OFF button and the volume down.
  • You hear the sound of the picture button, your capture is successful.
  • Then find your appointments screenshots you in your smartphone and in gallery menu, they shall appear in the same way that your pictures.



The most simple and easy way to capture a screenshot on LG Tribute 5 is to push and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons until you hear the sound of a click. At this point you've made a screenshot of the screen displayed on your LG Tribute 5. Immediately after capturing the screen, a notification will appear in the notification center which, if pressed, will allow you to access quickly to the image. Alternatively, if you want to access it later to your screenshot, you can do so by opening the Gallery application.

It did not work it just lowered the volume

be carreful to press two buttons at the same time

Only lowered volume when I pressed both buttons simultaneously

press two buttons at the same time

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