How to take screenshot on LG V20


Option 1: To make a screenshot LG V20

  • turn on the screen of your  LG V20, then
  • to hold down Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time
  • After a few seconds, your screen starts flashing, then
  • an image is sent to the folder of your device.

Option 2: screenshot with the LG V20 through LG's Quick Memo

  • 1. Slide your top finger below the screen of the LG V20
  • 2. Click on Quick Memo
  • 3. Click on 'tic' located on the top left to see the screen or image you want to save
  • 4. Save the screenshot made with your LG V20, by pressing save, located at the top right.


Makes screenshots of your phone - screenshot. You can set a delay in seconds before capture (timer). The files can be saved in BMP, PNG or JPG.



You also have the ability to automatically open image editing application when the snapshot is taken. To enable this feature, pull down the notifications bar → Settings → Device → Display tab and select Edit after screen capture.