How to take screenshot on Oppo F1


Hello to all and all, I'll explain how to do a "Screenshot" (screenshot) on your Oppo F1. For this, nothing more effective than a small illustration.

Procedure: Press simultaneously the two buttons Volume Down + Power for a second. A message will then appear, confirming the capture.

You can find this capture in your notification bar, and initially it will be automatically saved in your gallery.

If you know other ways to do this, please share :)


For Oppo F1, we can take "long" screenshots in vertical form. This makes it easier to read long articles, paragraphs, lyrics and etc. in a picture. Press Volume Up + Power at the same time, you will see "Screenshot area", "Next page" and "Save" on the right of your screen. If the paragraph is longer than your screen, tap on "Screenshot area" and pull the round button till the bottom of your screen, then tap on "Next page" until you reach the bottom of the paragraph, at last "save".

For oppo f1, you can use three finger slide up on your screen then done.

yes, after the screenshot then it does not automatically save on clipboard. so we have to find in Gallery. any idea, please. thanks

Wowwww this is much much better thank u!!!!

how to take a long screen shot in oppo f1s

Thanks mate....for that simple instruction.

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