How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Galaxy Note 6

Method №1 Create screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 

This method is the easiest and most common among the series of smartphones Samsung Galaxy, but because he is the first. Also, as with smartphones Apple, Samsung has provided a special key combination:

  1. Open the desired screen that you want to take a picture;
  2. Simultaneously press Home  and Power  to take a screenshot;
  3. In a second edge of the screen will flash, confirming the creation of the screenshot. You will hear a distinctive sound pictures.
  4. Now, take a screenshot you will find in Gallery (Gallery) or My Files (My Files).

If the process does not work, make sure you press the button at the same time really!

 Method №2 Create screen capture on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Another easy way - take a screenshot of the wrist. To do this, place the edge of the palm to one of the edges of the screen (left or right), so that the thumb is on top. Then, perform edge of his hand from one side to the other. You will see exactly the same animation, as in the previous method. She confirmed the creation of the image of the screen.

Pay attention! This method can be disabled in the settings - see "movements and gestures."

 Method №3 take a screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Finally, if after the creation of the screenshot you want to sign it, or simply in the hands of the stylus, and remove it does not want to, you can take a screenshot and use it!

  1. Remove the S Pen stylus from its dock. If the menu Air Command did not automatically appear on the screen, bring your pen to the screen and click on it;
  2. Select Screen Write (Writing on the screen), as shown in the picture above;
  3. Galaxy Note 6 will automatically create a screenshot of the screen and will allow to start to draw on top of it, using the S Pen.

Also Air Command menu allows you to capture a desired part of the screen.
That's all! It remains only to find the way that will be more convenient for you! Good luck!