How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 active

Galaxy S7 active

Making a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 active - Method1

The process is very simple in practice, obviously with some synchronous multitap that we do not believe can be an obstacle for users even more uncoordinated. Before groped will suggest you to view well the combination, based on the Home button and the On / Off button

Confirmation of the correct shooting will take place with the auditory-visual feedback based on the overlap of the interface screen - very rapid, often almost imperceptible - followed by the typical sound of a photo shoot in the climax in the notification bar. To view the screenshot you can either obtain it in the app gallery in a special folder that go directly to the notification, by selecting the default app to use a case of multiple app pre-installed as the photo manager and the native Photos app Google+.


Making a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 active- Method 2

  1. This second method is the most popular in the Android operating system. It is to slide the palm leaning over the screen from right to left. That is, we must reach out, turn it so that the palm is facing left, and finally, we slide from right to left of the screen.
  2. If we successfully running this simple step, the display will light with a white box that will confirm that the capture was successful.