How to take screenshot on Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

PlayStation 4 (PS4)

How to make and save the screenshot (screen) on the PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Do you want to run and save screenshots of the famous console of Sony PlayStation 4 but did not know how? Read on and we'll explain how.

In this article we'll show you a guide to take and capture screenshots of PlayStation 4 or PS4 so quick and easy.

Refined design, the PlayStation 4 is the console of the moment and if you are looking for a way to capture a screen depicting some time in the game you are playing then the easiest way find it explained just below.

To facilitate the understanding I have divided the process into phases:

STEP 1 - Start the Console

The PlayStation 4 should be running as also the game where you want to capture the screen.

STEP 2 - Capturing the Screenshot

Now, if you want to play and capture the screen while you are winning against your opponent, so you share it, you do not have to do is hold the "Share Button" for a second and a screenshot will be saved in the console. The camera icon at the top right will confirm the recording and save the screenshot.

STEP 3 - Sharing Screenshots

Share the screenshot directly from the game console is one of the features of the PlayStation 4.

First you must locate the folder 'Capture'. This folder contains screenshots captured. Now press the 'Share' to open all the sharing options (Share Menu).

Select "Upload Option Screen Shot" and choose the screenshot captured in the list to wait for the image to download.

There will be many options Share that you want to share your photos. For example, if you share the photo on your Facebook ID, choose Facebook from the Share menu.

If you have already signed in to Facebook or another profile sharing, you will not require access, or you will need to log in. Login with username and password and add the comment oo typing a text message (to the slogan of the picture), and then click on 'Share Button'.

With the PS4 you can also share videos. In reality there is a small change be made to the steps described above, namely to the point 2 in the phase of video capture. You'll have to press the 'Share Button' twice to start the video recording of the game but if you want to stop recording you click once on the Share button.

Follow step 3 as it is, the 'Capture Folder' will also feature recorded videos. This way you can take the screenshot as well as the captured video on the PlayStation 4.