How to take screenshot on Sony Xperia M5 Dual

Xperia M5 Dual
  1. Open the desired screen that you want to take a picture;
  2. Simultaneously press Volume Down and Power button to take a screen capture on Sony Xperia M5 Dual;
  3. In a second edge of the screen will flash, confirming the creation of the screenshot. You will hear a distinctive sound pictures.
  4. Now, take a screenshot you will find in Gallery (Gallery) or My Files (My Files).

If the process does not work, make sure you press the button at the same time really!


First, we need to open in the mobile content that you want to save in the catch. It can be a conversation WhatsApp, a story in the browser, a text note ... Android permtie make absolutely any content capture. Once we have the content on the screen, we must press-and keep pulsados- both the Volume down button and the Power button. It is important that we keep both pressed together for a few seconds buttons. While keeping the two buttons pressed, you will see an animation shown on the screen we (usually the sides of the display light). At that time, we have to release the two buttons. And we have our screenshot made.

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