How to take screenshot on Sony Xperia X Performance

Xperia X Performance

On a smartphone, it is not always easy to take screenshots of their web browsing. With Sony Xperia, the task is simplified. This is the simplest Android device use for a screenshot.

Here's how.

Just two seconds Press the Power button on your Sony Xperia X Performance. This is on the left side of your smartphone.

If you use the Sony Xperia version.423, you must simultaneously press the Power button and the same low volume button. Do this for about two seconds short, somewhat in the manner of a double click, until the screenshot is triggered.

How to know if the screenshot has been taken?

You will hear a shutter sound like when you take a classic picture.
The screenshot is then saved in your image gallery. You just have to check the latest images.

Finally, you can move your screenshots of your Sony Xperia to your PC or to an SD card.


Upload your screenshots to your PC:

Connect your Sony Xperia PC. Open your phone picture folder, select screenshots, right-click and click Cut. Then choose the destination folder on your PC and click Paste.

Upload your screenshots to an SD card:

previously insert an SD card on your smartphone. Open the Android browser on your Sony Xperia (My files). Press Menu> More> Move and select SD Card in the list of media.