How to take screenshot on Vodafone Smart speed 6

Smart speed 6

Make screenshot in the Vodafone Smart speed 6 with shortcut keys:
Once you have the content on the screen capture should perform simultaneously combining the power button + volume down button for two seconds. Then you can see on the screen flash, indicating that the catch was taken. Now you will receive a notification when reviewing find the screenshot made with the option to edit or delete it.



2. How to take screenshots with the hardware buttons: Vodafone Smart speed 6 -Screenshot-with buttonsis one of the fastest and most convenient ways to take a screenshot on yourVodafone Smart speed 6, just follow these simple steps: Step 1 - Open the application / screen you want to take a screenshot. Step 2 - Now press and hold together the Volume Down and Power buttons. Step 3 - You'll see a quick animation and you hear a confirmation tone that the screenshot was just recovered. Easy, right? Now you can choose which method is most suitable to quickly take a screenshot on the Vodafone Smart speed 6

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