How to take screenshot on Lenovo K6 Enjoy

K6 Enjoy

How to take screenshots on Lenovo K6 Enjoy?

Here is the guide
Shooting and capturing screenshots on Lenovo K6 Enjoy is very easy and fast. Let's see how to do it.

Have you bought or ordered this new Android smartphone and do you need to capture the screens of your device? Maybe you need a guide that tells you how to take screenshots and screenshots on Lenovo K6 Note.

Reaching your goal on this smartphone is really very simple. In fact the screen capture and the screenshot method on Lenovo K6 Enjoy is similar to other Android devices. Here are the steps you need to follow.

How to take a screenshot on Lenovo K6 Enjoy and where are the images saved?

Method 1.

Before proceeding, go to the screen you want to capture or save.

At this point, to capture the screen on Lenovo K6 Enjoy you have to press and hold the Volume Down key + Power key simultaneously until you hear a clicking sound.

Here: you have made a screenshot on your Lenovo K6 Enjoy.

After capturing the screen, a notification will appear in the drop-down menu that allows you to access the image you captured on your Lenovo K6 Enjoy.

The image will also be accessible in the smartphone gallery: by clicking on it you can share it via email, or send it to WhatsApp or other instant messaging programs in just a few clicks.

That's it: taking screenshots on Lenovo K6 Note is very easy, isn't it? The procedure does not change compared to other Android devices, the steps are more or less always the same to follow.