How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

Method 1 

A very simple way of creating screenshots, long used on devices Galaxy. To take a screenshot, you need to simultaneously press the Home button(Finger scaner) and the Power. You will hear the sound of the shutter releases, which notifies that the screenshot was created. You can see a screenshot of the Gallery or the Samsung My Files. Share screenshot available with option Share. Screenshot If you do not work, make sure you actually press the Home button and Power at the same time.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with gestures


Gestures on the flagship management has long been used Samsung. With a gesture can do and why. Spend the edge of his hand over the screen from the left edge to the right or vice versa. A typical shutter sound will alert you when a snapshot. Disable and enable this option in the section Motion and gestures settings.

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