How to take screenshot on Windows 10


Make screenshots from your Windows 

There are different ways to take screenshots in Windows 8. On occasion we were interested to capture the entire screen, or just a region of the screen, it will depend on our interests at that particular time. Then I explain different steps to make a screenshot:

Old Method: This method will surely all know, we can perform complete screenshots by pressing the "Print Screen" key (on some keyboards "Prt Scr") and then open the Paint program from our Windows and pressing Ctrl + V or Edit Menu > Paste

Screen capture and save image directly: Since we want Microsoft to facilitate the work and for this there is another shortcut that allows us to capture screenshot and also directly stores the image of such catch in a directory. The keyboard shortcut is that we should press Windows key + Print Screen and thus see how the screen is slightly darker and have our capture in our Pictures folder. On the Windows 8 operating system, the folder path is usually: C: \ Users \ (username) \ Pictures \ Screenshots or what is the same picture> Screenshots

Capture only the application window: on occasion we are interested in obtaining only a screenshot of a window of an application we are running, such as the Internet Explorer browser. To do this we press the keyboard shortcut Alt + Print Screen and then go to the Paint application and press Ctrl + V to paste. This foram have only the screen area of ​​interest.
Scraps tool (snipping tool): Windows 8 incorporates a tool that perhaps many of you call desconozcáis Scraps (Snipping Tool). If you open the search box using the shortcut Windows + S keyboard and seek "Snipping Tool" or "cuts" you can please click on this easy to use application.

It just have to press on "New", we will see how the screen turns white, allowing the mouse to select the specific area you want to capture, hold the left mouse button. Then we can save the file in different formats.